18 February 2021

Workplace Wellbeing Day 2021 Virtual Ideas

Workplace Wellbeing Day should be firmly on the agenda annually and moreover this year as employee wellbeing has never been more challenged. We at Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd have put together some ideas that can be undertaken by your teams virtually to celebrate Workplace Wellbeing Day but also and more importantly they can be used weekly going forward as we work from home and move into the world of remote working.

Virtual Fun Lunch

Employees invited to an informal virtual lunch hour. This can be undertaken according to budgets. Employees could bring their own lunch or an organisation that has the funds could send their employees a token for many of the many food delivery companies or better still employees bring their lunch and the organisation makes a donation to a chosen charity.

Virtual DIY and a Coffee

This runs along the same principle as above but could be made a little more interesting by inviting all attendees to create something DIY eg a hat, etc with items they can readily find in their homes. A poll could be set up so all participants can choose the winning hat/item. A small prize could be given to the winner.

Lunch and Online Learn

Lunch and Learns have become very popular recently. Why not hire in a speaker on an area that you feel your employees/colleagues would benefit from for their health. Remember this type of training investment reaps its return for the workplace.

Random Message of Kindness

One nominated member sets this up. Each team member sends a positive message about another member to the nominated organiser. This could be collated anonymously and posted on a communications board your team/organisation are using.  This is based on the Random Act of Kindness principle.

Virtual Yoga

Participate in one of the many complimentary virtual yoga sessions available or hire in a virtual yoga teacher just for your team/organisation.

Virtual Karaoke

Organise a virtual karaoke session during the working day and enjoy as your colleagues belt out classics like Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline. You could also run this as an afterhours event.

Virtual Quiz

Put your mind to the challenge of a good table quiz where teams/ individuals could compete with each other in an organisation.

Virtual Mindfulness

This is one I have found that transitioned into the virtual world quite easily.  A workplace mindfulness expert could be brought online to facilitate and guide your session or you could decide to run a mindful meditation video that are available online.

Virtual Bingo

Nominate a bingo master and send out the bingo cards.

Virtual Book Club

Each member of the team shares a book of value/interest to them to the group. Select a book for the following month.

All the above virtual ideas could also be run as charity events.  CSR has never been more important. It’s twofold as not only do our employees need to feel part of a greater purpose but our communities have never needed investment as much from those that can. Many charities have lost out on revenue that they need for the day to day supports they offer their clients.

Please get in touch dorothy@workplacehealthandwellbeing.com if you want a little guidance or support on any of the above ideas. We are happy to help you with our expertise on how you can best support your employees’ wellbeing and improve your organisational health.

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