Evidence based behavioural change strategies.

Health & Wellness Training

We offer health and wellness training utilising the latest evidenced based behaviour change strategies. Using carefully formulated questions, motivational interviewing and planning, we will guide and empower your employees towards taking responsibility for their own health and for adopting long term and effective healthy lifestyle choices.

Workshops for Positive Change

Our wellbeing workshops are interactive through a mesh of methodologies – PowerPoint, video, collaboration, interaction, reflection, case studies, discussion, etc.

Available Workshops

Striking a Positive Work-life Balance Workshop
Psychosocial Risk Management Workshop
Resilience and Wellbeing Workshop
Employee Self-Care Workshop
Leadership and Positive Workforce
Absent Management and Talent Retention Workshop
Grounding Techniques for a Busy Workplace
Benchmarking and Building a Wellbeing Framework
Supporting Workplace Resilience Through COVID-19
Mindfulness in the Workplace
Leadership and Communication
Building a Workplace Wellbeing Plan
Supporting Workplace Inclusion
Mindful Leader
Supporting Wellbeing in Remote and Hybrid Teams

Leaders in workplace wellbeing

Guiding & empowering your employees to take responsibility OF THEIR health

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