9 July 2020

Onboarding Generation Z

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The Workplace as a Facilitor

Move on over Generation Y there are a whole new cohort entering our workplaces. Generation Z are here. Born post 1995 and also known as the Snowflake generation they are masters on social media and need 24 hour online access. They are digital natives as it has been their only known world.

Generation Z desires independent work spaces but also like to interact with people. They are eager learners but need constant updates and stimulation. It is also important to the Generation Z that social interaction makes up a large part of their day. More than 90% will choose to work for an organisation that practises CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Generation Z are the Future of Work. They are diverse, inclusive, entrepreneurial, social and they care. A workplace that facilitates the onboarding of these needs will have an engaged and thriving workforce roaring through the early twenties.

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