11 February 2021

Infographic: 9 Tools to Help Manage Anxiety

The pandemic of 2020-2021 has been described as the perfect storm for mental health illnesses. In 2016, it was claimed that 18.5% of the Irish population had experienced a mental health disorder. Jean Twenge of The Washington post is quoted as saying “In some ways, this is the perfect storm for mental health issues…We’re dealing with social isolation, anxiety around health and economic problems. All of these are situations linked to mental health challenges and these are hitting many of us at once.” So, in a world where there is global uncertainty and for most of us that certainty is uncontrollable, we must set about taking control of what we can by installing daily habits into our routine. We have produced the below infographic to get you started on your way forward in taking control of the controllables. They are cost-effective and evidence-based tools to manage anxiety and boost the mood.

an infographic showing 9 different steps to help relieve anxiety

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