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Our most frequently asked questions about the workshops. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch. We’re here to help!

What is Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd?

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd is an Irish company based in Galway. It was founded in 2018 in a response to a need to put evidence-based structures and policies in place in Irish businesses to promote organisational health and employee wellbeing. It is also a training provider for resilience, emotional wellbeing, stress management, mindful reflection and leadership in the workplace.

What are the benefits to my organisation of implementing a strategy and training for workplace health and wellbeing?

Some of the benefits of implementing strategy and training for workplace health and wellbeing can include a decrease in sickness absenteeism, improved employee engagement, increased productivity, improved talent retention, increased morale, reduction of presenteeism in the workplace, improved company culture and improved brand image.

What are the benefits to my employees of my business implementing a strategy and training for workplace health and wellbeing?

Some of the many benefits that employees can experience after workplace wellbeing interventions are improved resilience and self-esteem, improved relationships, improved mental and physical health, reduction of risk of heart disease, reduction of cortisol levels, better immunity and improved memory.

How do I book a consultation with Workplace Health and Wellbeing?

A consultation can be booked through messaging our website, sending us an email to or calling on 086 8902077

How much does an initial consultation cost?

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd offer a complimentary 30-minute discovery consultation via Zoom or phone on your workplace health and wellbeing needs.

Who from a business would usually contact Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd?

In a medium to large enterprise the Human Resources Manager, Health and Safety Manager or the Learning and Development Manager would usually have the responsibility to consult with and engage with Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd on behalf of their organisation and Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd would dovetail into those departments. In a smaller enterprise the manager or owner may be the person that liaises and engages with Workplace Health and Wellbeing?

How do I choose the correct training for my business offered by Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd?

Through an initial consultation our expert consultants will ask some questions to see where your business is at on its wellbeing journey. The consultant that will be connected to you is an expert in occupational psychology and health promotion and will guide you through the options that are best for the team that you want to benefit from the training and the desired effect for your business.

Is the training suitable for all my employees?

Yes. We pride ourselves in delivering highly engaging content that is bespoke to the cohort we are working with. Each worker and each sector have different needs. One grouping that are working shift patterns may be to complete our Sleep and Wellbeing Workshop. Another grouping may be leading a team and may be more suited to completing our Leadership for Workplace Wellbeing and Engagement Workshop. Each business is unique, and we will tailor our training to suit.

Where do Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd deliver their training workshops?

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd deliver Face to Face Workshops on your site or at a location of your choice and Virtual Workshops through Zoom.

How much does Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd training cost?

Our pricing starts from €200 euro. Pricing depends on mode of delivery, training expenses, creation of bespoke content, duration of a workshop, number attending, travel and material expenses. Discounts are available to some business by some of our training partners. Please contact us for a pricing for your business. There is no one size that fits all.

What sector does Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd work with?

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd work with businesses in the public and private sector. Our previous clients have been from both the public and corporate world. We work with large MNCs to SMEs.

How many people can attend a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Ltd’s training workshop?

An ideal number of participants in a workshop would be 12-15. However, it depends on the learning outcomes of the training workshop, the budget, time constraints of the business.

Do you work with companies that are looking to achieve the Keep Well Mark or the Great Places to Work award?

Yes. We work with businesses that are working towards achieving accreditation in the workplace wellbeing space. We can support them step by step from their initial application, to benchmarking their staff, building a framework for the business, co-writing their policies, delivering the required training to achieve workplace wellbeing.

Do I have to engage with wellbeing in my business?

Yes. Under the Health and Safety Act 2005, psychosocial risks are included, and wellbeing belongs to this area.

What is the Future of Work?

It has been determined by national steering groups that artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence together are the Future of Work. For true innovation in the 2020’s businesses that succeed will have frameworks and plans in place to support their employees’ mental health and emotional intelligence in addition to embracing the technological advances that are progressing at an advanced acceleration.
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