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Listen to our CEO's recent interview on Dublin City FM

On the lead up to World Mental Health Day, Workplace Health and Wellbeing's founder, Dorothy Scarry, chatted with Bronwyn Clinton from Dublin City FM to speak about the importance of health promotion and mental health day.

It was a wonderful opportunity to highlight such an important topic which Dorothy is so passionate about.

Improving employee engagement and well being for your business 

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At Workplace Health and Wellbeing our focus is to work with your organisation, finding the right way to increase employee engagement using a clear evidence-based framework and action plan. Our evidence-based approach is proven to improve your employees’ health and wellbeing.

EU-OSHA (2014) found that in selected European countries that for every €1 spent in prevention and promotion programs that it yielded return over 1300% in net profit.

Train people well enough so they can leave.
Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

~ Richard Branson

When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower ~Alexander Den Heijer

Significant changes which are taking place in the world of work lead to emerging psychosocial risks. Such risks, which are linked to the way work is designed, organised and managed, as well as to the economic and social context of work, result in an increased level of stress and can lead to serious deterioration of mental and physical health. (ESENER-2, 2015)

Discovering your workforce potential

Absences Management & Staff Retention.

We will work with you to help you create an Absence Management and Staff Retention Policy that is contemporary and relevant to current workplace sickness absence trends. 

Workplace Health Promotion

At Workplace Health and Wellbeing we can consult, facilitate and work with your organisation to create a bespoke theory led behaviour change programme. 

Health & Wellness Training

We offer health and wellness training utilising the latest evidenced based behaviour change strategies.

Risk Management & Intervention

Implementation of workplace health and wellbeing interventions have previously been completed in isolation and their benefit to both the employee and the organisation can be limited as a result.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

A democratic workplace that promotes diversity and inclusion is a magnet for talent while also boosting the bottom line. Diversity and inclusion are key to a thriving workforce.

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    Having surveyed the market for a health and wellbeing partner for Ability West, we chose Workplace Health & Wellbeing in 2019. Such has been the quality of the service received, our only regret is that we did not link up sooner. We’ve hosted some excellent wellbeing themed workshops onsite and more recently complimented them with bespoke online, on-demand webinars, created especially for our workforce. This has been a vital element of our successful wellbeing strategy, as with almost 60 separate worksites, we’re challenged to deliver access to health and wellbeing resources to the wider workforce. Workplace Health & Wellbeing were very responsive to our needs and collaborated on the production of great content which we hope our staff will benefit from.

    Cathal Esler
    Director of Human Resources, Ability West
  • arrabawn logo
    Workplace Health and Wellbeing delivered wellbeing workshops across our three plant sites as part of our Wellbeing Strategy for 2020. The facilitator worked with management, supervisors and staff and adapted the content and workshop style to engage all three staff levels. The facilitator was an expert in organisational psychosocial working conditions. The feedback was very positive overall from the workshop participants.

    Billy Walsh
    Head of HR, Arrabawn
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    It was a pleasure to attend a recent training webinar with Dorothy about how to mind your well-being both personal and in the workplace. Dorothy has an insightful delivery style that connects instantly with her audience, over screen and in person which enables the client to gain the best possible learnings, practical lessons and support. Completing one of Dorothy's sessions leaves you with the positive feeling of having your own personal well-being coach on your team, in the practical advice and thought process that you carry with forward. I would highly recommend Dorothy and Workplace Health and Wellbeing to any company who recognises the need to provide well-being and resilience support to their team. Wishing Dorothy every continued success!

    Renate Kohlmann
    RK Consulting
  • carrick on shannon education centre logo
    Dorothy has delivered a wide variety of workshops for teachers and SNAs in Carrick-on-Shannon Education Centre over the past academic year (2019/2020) The feedback from the participants has been excellent and all of her workshops have been very well attended, with most of them quickly booking out . That is testimony to the quality of her presentations and the relevance of her workshops to the work of teachers and SNAs in schools.

    Karen Devine
    Director, Carrick on Shannon Education Centre
  • Testimonial for our Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience in Uncertain Times Zoom Workshop. This course was very beneficial and informative. It was presented in a professional and efficient manner. The facilitator's delivery was excellent and encouraged participation by the attendees through the use of breakout sessions. At all times the facilitator was approachable and made the participants feel very much at ease. The duration of the course was perfect and the stated objectives were achieved and more. Thank you for increasing my knowledge in this area. An excellent course - I would thoroughly recommend it

    Anna Marie Crann
    Banking Professional
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Strike The Work-Life Balance

1 in 5 employers expect to invest in a formal work-life balance policy in 2019 (Reward Management Report, CIPD 2018). 

We can help you be a leading company in promoting work-life balance by supporting you with an evidence based frameworks and policy for you to achieve those goals.

CIPD Health and Well-being at Work Survey

Positively the recent Health and Well-being at Work Survey 2019 compiled by CIPD and Simply Health show that 40% of organisations have trained their managers to support staff with mental ill health. Will you make this investment in you people managers in 2020?
View the survey
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Leaders in workplace wellbeing

Improving the wellbeing of your workforce and your business.

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